Content that works on pack and online
– anywhere in the world.

We work alongside design teams – internal and external – to optimise large scale global
product launches through:




Targeted Translation.

We take a targeted approach to compliant translation for consumer brands, aimed at delivering maximum value with minimum intervention.

Modern PLM systems store translated content allowing them to recycle copy when new products are developed or campaigns launched.

So we only translate from scratch when we have to – to fill in gaps, refresh branding, align with revised messaging or add in new languages.

Future Proofing.

As specialists in CPG localisation, we have our own proven QA protocols that are automated to ensure that each piece of translated copy is in line with regulatory requirements across all markets – eliminating amends later down the line.

  • Smart technology.
  • All packaging
  • Bespoke checks.
  • Rapid turnaround.

Playing by the rules of the market.


  • Worldwide network
    of subject specialists.

  • Integrating checks
    into artwork approval

  • 24/7 monitoring of
    regulatory changes.

  • Dynamic knowledge


Each country legally requires that brands make specic information available to consumers at point of sale online or in store. The difficulty is that these requirements can vary wildly from market to market and from category to category. Our team is highly practised in helping clients develop multilingual labels which are compliant in multiple jurisdictions.


Managing thousands of SKUs can make it hard for brands to achieve compliance with their own marketing and quality standards across ranges and artworks.

Hooley Brown helps by adapting these standards to work for international markets before making sure that every piece of translated copy is in alignment.

So many ways to showcase products.

Format t.

To accommodate conflicting specications within the various marketing formats, brands need to rely on their messaging matrix. Once translated, content inevitably expands or contracts and needs to be optimised to suit each new format. We provide multilingual messaging which will work within the specications of any delivery format product listings, TV ads, email marketing, coupons, leaflets, etc.


We also keep any adaptations consistent with the brand story and the language used on pack, enhance the content for language-specic SEO scores and ensure compliance with national advertising standards. For high volume content output, we provide bespoke solutions which harness the exponential power of the latest NLG technology.

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