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We work with global brands to make labelling and marketing campaigns locally compliant and consumer friendly in

all languages.

every market.

any format.

Global shoppers are looking for your products –
tell them what they need to know!

In Store?

To attract and maintain impressive listings in your home and export markets, all your labels, PoS materials and supporting documentation need to be aligned with local regulations, accurately translated and consistent across ranges.

We can do it all for you – quickly and cost-effectively!


To stand out in the fiercely competitive sales environment created by the likes of Amazon, you’ll need to enhance the appeal of your product information, avoid any compliance traps and make sure that your products are easy to find in all languages.

Our uniquely cross border capabilities set you up for strategic online selling to new global consumers!

Translation + Compliance + Adaptation

That’s the key formula for localisation in the world of CPG.

Localised content for labelling and marketing purposes has a tricky balance to strike: it has to appeal to local consumers while still playing by the particular rules of the market.

Thanks to our innovative technologies, unrivalled blend of experience in translation and compliance and our vast global network of specialists, we can show brands exactly what, how and why their labels and messaging can be improved. And then we can implement the changes directly and continue to keep these critical assets updated and on point.

When content localisation meets creative production…

We work alongside design teams – internal and external – to optimise large scale global product launches through:


We take a targeted approach to compliant labelling and messaging translation for CPG brands


Each country legally requires that brands make specific information available to consumers at point of sale


To accommodate conflicting specications within the various marketing formats, brands need to rely on their marketing matrix

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The team at Hooley Brown really know their stuff! We needed to get our supplements registered in various EU countries. Their practical advice on formulation tweaks and useful insights helped us to work around the issues that were holding us up – and now the products are selling really well!

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