All languages. Every market. Any format.

We are Hooley Brown:

The boutique-style localisation agency on a mission to enhance consumer communications across the world!

Our team is made up of skilled specialists, connected at home and abroad by a shared love of languages and a particular eye for detail.

We use what we learn every day about the impact and meaning of words in international communications to help our clients improve their compliance position, engage better with local consumers – and sell more products with confidence.

Who’s behind Hooley Brown?

Working together in packaging translation, the founders of Hooley Brown saw a clear need for an independent, high quality labelling service which could combine the best translation processes and global compliance expertise with the ability to pull it all together through adapting and aligning the artwork.

And so they created Hooley Brown, a boutique-style localisation agency specialising in developing compliant cross-border consumer communications for food & drink, cosmetics and wellness brands – across labelling, product messaging, digital selling, social media campaigns, etc.



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With a background in international relations and policy making, Dave is intrigued by the interplay between regulatory requirements on a local level and the global pull towards trading across borders. Brexit has moved his interests into the mainstream but he’s still unapologetically nerdy about all things labelling! As more points of sale appear online, Dave’s latest fascination is to work out how regulations will increasingly impact consumer information on digital platforms like Amazon.



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Clare’s career in international business development has spanned many categories across several countries over the years. But her love of different cuisines and interest in nutrition has remained central to her enjoyment of life! An avid label reader, she spends more time in the aisles of the supermarket than anyone we know. Clare is passionate about transparency in the food chain and the need for accurate terminology in consumer communications – in any language.

Working with Hooley Brown is a delight – everyone is so friendly and helpful! The team goes out of their way to make sure that we’re kept up to date and the level of service across the board has exceeded our expectations.

Plant-based food innovator

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